Inversor de potencia de 600 W de onda senoidal pura



Todas las dimensiones son en mm y todos los pesos en kg.

True sinewave inverter that converts DC battery power to AC power. The inverter is CE marked, E marked and tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The inverter will operate on DC voltages of 10.5-15.5Vdc and it features a low battery alarm and shutdown to prevent total battery discharge. In addition, it has overload and over-temperature shutdown to ensure that the inverter will not become overheated or subjected to power demand beyond its rated capacity.

The inverter has a status indicator, an EU output socket and a USB port for charging USB devices. It also features an ignition start function.

Integrated fixing points and high quality DC connectors make the installation simple.

Always follow the instructions in the installation manual supplied with the inverter. Pay special attention to the sections regarding size of cables and size of battery bank. Minimum battery size required: 60 AH. To minimize downtime, consider installing an auxiliary battery and a battery guard.

Warranty: 2 years.

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